Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - Day 2 - Level 15 1800/3600/400

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 16:10


16:48: Blinds going up! Break after end of Level 16.

16:46:  Paul Thomson makes it 8k to go. Called from Maj Iqbal in the BB. Flop 4c3s2d. Check/Check. Turn Kd. Maj checks and Paul bets 10k. Maj calls. River Ts. Maj checks. Paul checks back and shows KJ for Top Pair. It's good.

16:43: Double up and a wee bit more for James Parkinson. He started with less than 7k though I think.

16:37:  James McLean opens to 7.5k. Gets it through.

16:36: Zaffa Mirza opens to 8.2k on the Button. Called by Craig Wilson in the BB. Flop QsJs7s. Check/Check. Turn 4h. Check/Check. River 4d and Craig bets 16.4k. Zaffa folds.

16:34: Greg McCreadie dispatched by John McGlynn.

16:33: Craig Wilson opens to 7.2k UTG. Called by Paul Thomson in the BB. Flop 6h4s4d. Paul checks and Craig takes it down with a 9k c-bet.

16:31:  Paul Clements' somewhat messy stack:

16:30: Iain Smith's turn to make it 9k pre-flop. He gets a caller though, Paul Clements in the BB. Flop QsJd6c. Check/Check. Turn Ks. Check/Check. River 6s. Check/Check. Iain is good with a pair of Jacks, AJ in the hole.

16:27: Still on Table 3, Craig Wilson opens to 9k again. No contest again.

16:25: On Table 3, Craig Wilson opens to 9k and takes down the blinds and antes.

16:22: Sandy Tong also gone. Now at 25 players. 13 paid.

16:20: Willie Cheung out too! He's consoling himself with a bit of £5/5 PLO though.

16:19: Drew McLelland out. His short stack QTo all in pre-flop couldn't get there vs Scott Cooper's Ad4d.

16:11: Chip Leader, Brian O'Connor.

16:10: Just lost Willie McLeod in 27th place.

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