Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - Day 2 - Level 14 1500/3000/300

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 15:26


16:07: John McGlynn opens to 8k, called by Martin Thomson in the cut-off and Davie Kerr in the BB. Flop AcKd4d. Davie checks and Paul fires 11k. Martin calls and Davie comes along as well. Turn 4h and all 3 players check. River 3c and another 3 checks. Davie decares "Nuts" but shows 3d2d for a Rivered Pair. Martin also had a Diamond Flush Draw (Td7d) so John's Pocket Sixes are good enough to take it down!

16:01: Here are a few of the biggest stacks from around the room. We have 3,450,000 in play.

Paul Clements 250k
Brian O'Connor 340k
William "Wassil" Brown 280k
Ahsan Subhan 200k

15:56: Current seating positions. Will get most of the chip counts at the next break.

2-1 Drew McCallion
2-2 Greg McCreadie
2-3 William "Wassil" Brown
2-4 Sam Wardlaw
2-5 Walter Niven
2-6 Thomas McGatvey
2-7 Alec Brodie
2-8 Robert Griffiths
2-9 George Wilson

3-1 Zaffa Mirza
3-2 Paul Thomson
3-3 Craig Wilson
3-4 Paul Clements
3-5 Iain Smith
3-6 Willie McLeod
3-7 James McClean
3-8 James Parkinson
3-9 Maj Iqbal

4-1 Ahsan Subhan
4-2 Drew McLelland
4-3 Martin Thomson
4-4 Sandy Tong
4-5 Brian O'Connor
4-6 Davie Kerr
4-7 Willie Cheung
4-8 John McGlynn
4-9 Scott Cooper

15:46: That's us down to 27 players over 3 tables now. Just overheard someone in the PLO cash game comment that they think this is the deepest Sam Wardlaw has made it in a tournament in the last 10 years!

15:45: Lost Alan Rowe in 28th place.

15:43: Everyone's favourite restaurateur, Willie Cheung, is here today but down to about 40k at the moment.

15:29: Big pot on Table 3! Ian Swan opens for 7k and is 3bet by his old pal Paul Clements in the BB to 17k. Ian 4bets to 50k and Paul shoves! Ian calls and shows AK. Unfortunately for him Paul has The Bullets! They both had almost exactly the same stack (around 140k) and Paul gets back just 1 x 100 chip change before it's dealt out. No miracle for Swan and he's walking....

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