Alea Glasgow Monthly Series April - Day 2 - Level 13 1200/2400/300

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th April 2015 @ 14:47


15:25: Blinds up!

15:22: Ahsan Subhan opens UTG and Walter Niven shoves all in for about 35k more. Back to Ahsan and he makes the call with ATo. Walter is in great shape with AhKh. The board runs out safe with Ahsan dead on the Turn and he gets the double up.

15:18: Gabrielle Corral out. Down to 30 now. Break at the end of Level 16 so quite a while to go.

15:16: Better news for Ian Swan as he just had his 14k River Bet called with the Nut Flush (Ah7h) on Kh9s3h-9h-4s board. Didn't catch the action before that but think it was Check/Check on the Turn.

15:09: On Table 3, Ian Swan (left) opens the Button for 5.5k. Paul Clements (in the white top) calls from the BB. Flop Th5c3s. Paul leads into Ian for 11k. Ian has as wee think but says "I'll believe you" and folds after Paul says he's hit and he'll show. Paul shows 54o for 2nd Pair.

15:02: Table 2. 32 players left. 13 paid so a long way to the money.

15:01: Table 3. Dennis Kennedy just been knocked out from here.

14:54:  Chip leader at start of today, Ian Swan, giving a big smile. Think he'll go all the way? He's been on good form recently, chopping up another local £100 freezeout for £2,150 a couple of weeks ago. Here's his Hendon Mob record:

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