Grosvenor Link Game Day 2 Level 17 5000/10000 RA 1000

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 29th March 2015 @ 18:04


19:46 We lose James Baird in 17th Place. KJ v AK of Brent. No help and James takes home £260.

1st  £7,000 
2nd  £4,540 
3rd  £2,850 
4th  £1,840 
5th  £1,270 
6th  £940 
7th  £760 
8th  £610 
9th  £510 
10th  £440 
11th  £400 
12th  £370 
13th  £340 
14th  £290 
15th  £290 
16th  £260 
17th James Baird £260 
18th Steven McCaffrey £240 
19th Enrique Martinez £240 
20th Ka Wai Chung £240 
21st Thomas Bartlett £220 
22nd Jonny Lynas £220 
23rd Billy Mundh £220 
24th Roddy McNeil

19:43 Chris Craig Doubles to 280K with KK v AQ of Brent.

19:36 LMS Update 5 Left for the 2 Seats £550 each seat.

Andrew Feenan
Gerard Louglin
Andrew Mckenzie
Neil Rankin
Ian Swan

19:26 No one really applying the pressure. As you were.

19:15 Still 17 players.

19:07 Here are the Chip Counts,

Chris Craig 175K
Graham Pilkington 400K
David Cheung 370K
Paul Clements 140K
Selim Ogan 100K
Andrew Feenan 350K
Brent Burnett 400K
James Baird 150K
Domenico Crolla 160K
Gerard Loughlin 470K
Ian Swan 240K
Neil Rankin 280K
John Mcdermott 160K
Jamie Ballantyne 700K
Cecilia Aitkin 200K
Michael Collumb 120K
Andrew McKenzie 260K
29th March 2015 @ 18:34
Gala Faithfull
Go on the swanny!!!
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