Grosvenor Link Game Day 2 Level 12 1200/2400 RA 300

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 29th March 2015 @ 13:44


16:01 Photograph's

Current Chip Leader on 540K Jamie Ballantyne.

15:52 Neil Rankin is winning pot after pot!!!! Board reads 2s4c5c and Neil is in with the Nuts!!!! A3. Roger Naughton has AcTc. River bricks and  Neil wins the pot. Neil has about 350K and is 1of the current Chip Leaders.

15:50 30 Players remain and 23 get Paid. Chip Average is 157,300. Here is the Pay out Stucture.

1st £7,000 
2nd £4,540 
3rd £2,850 
4th £1,840 
5th £1,270 
6th £940 
7th £760 
8th £610 
9th £510 
10th £440 
11th £400 
12th £370 
13th £340 
14th £290 
15th £290 
16th £260 
17th £260 
18th £240 
19th £240 
20th £240 
21st £220 
22nd £220 
23rd £220 

15:46 We will be providing chip counts at the Break. 

15:43 8 people in LMS names are:

Todd Cairns
Andrew Feenan
Gerard Louglin
Roddy Mcneil
Andrew Mckenzie
James Maclean
Neil Rankin
Ian Swan


15:38 Flop is 2K3 and John Mcmaster Leads and Jamie Ballantyne Raises all in. John calls and tables K3 v 22 of Jamie. Turn 2 for Quads!!!! River T. We lose John Mcmaster.

15:30 15 minute break coming up and the end of the next Level. 

15:28 Board reads 79T 5 and Kyle Pullicino and Jonny Lynas get all the betting discs in the Middle. Kyle has T5 for Turned 2 Pair. Guess the hand of Jonny....... Yep your right TT!!!!!!!!!! Kyle is drawing dead on the river. jonny gathering massive momentum.

15:24 Liam Spence all in with 22 and is called by Jamie Ballantyne with AK. Runs out 937 9 K.

15:15 Jonny all in with TT v Philip Atkinson AK. Phillip at Risk, Board runs out 8K8 3 T Jonny rivers the set and takes out Philip. Jonny now has 98K and cruising.

15:13 Jonny Lynas all in with AT v Jamie Ballantyne AJ. Board is 74A T 8. Johnny doubles to 64K 

15:08 Table 4 is Mental. Robert Bridget Shoves Sohaib Asgher Reshoves and then Sgteven Mccafferty reshoves!!!!!!!!! KJ for Robert, A9 for Sohaib and AA for Steven. Board runs out T84 Q6. We Lose 2.

15:04 Scott Cooper all in with KdJc v Steven Maccaferty As3c. Flop 948 6 A. Lose Scott.

15:00 Just lost another. Tony Mullen is the unfortunate one.

14:58 Scott Cooper and Hanzahd Wang get all the chips in with the board Reading KhJd8h Scott has Ah6h and Hanzahd has KdJh. Turn is 4c River 8c. Hanzahd doubles to 120K

14:53 Still 12 Players of the LMS competition.

14:46 Level up. Blinds now 1200/2400 with a 300 RA. Chip Average currently 115,100 

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