Grosvenor Link Game Day 1b Level 10 800/1600 RA 200

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 29th March 2015 @ 0:02


01:26 Chip Average is 114K. Thats 57bb. Decent

01:05 28 Players made it through from the 133 entries. We have 43 Players for Day 2 inclusive of Dundee, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.  Here are the combined stacks 

Jamie Ballantyne 320,000
Andrew Feenan 229,300 
Graham Pilkinton 226,500 
Brent Burnett 221,000 
Gerard Lauchlin 172,600 
Cecilia Aitkin 170,500 
Greame Smith 169,300 
Billy Mundh 167,700 
Domenico Crolla 160,300 
Paul Clements 149,200 
Marco Ogan 140,800 
James Baird 139,000 
Enrique Gamiz 137,200 
Roger Naughton 135,700 
Ian Swan 134,200 
Jim Mclean 131,300 
Todd Cairns 122,000 
Andrew Mackenzie 119,500 
Michael Harrower 111,400 
Liam Spence 107,600 
Chris Craig 104,900 
John  Cooper 101,500 
Nad Ahmed 100,000 
John  Mcmaster 97,800 
Neil Rankin 97,700 
Iain Farrell 95,100 
Tony Mulan 92,200 
Thomas Bartlett 92,000 
Michael Collumb 89,100 
Ka Wai Chung 85,000 
David Gillies 78,800 
David Cheung 74,100 
Ivan Hege 73,800 
Stephen Mcafferty 61,600 
Hanzahd Wang 56,100 
Jonny Lynas 54,300 
John  Mcdermott 54,300 
Philip Atkinson 50,200 
Kyle Pullicino 49,900 
Rizwan Ghazanfar 43,500 
Sohaib Asghar 42,300 
Roddy McNeil 40,300 
Robert Bridgit 23,200 

00:45 Full Chip Counts coming up,

00:40 2 Players out trying to get a stack. Janice Maclean and Robert Aitkin.

00:35 We have 5 hands to go.

00:29 Clock has been stopped with 8 mins to go. Some will pick a card out of 3,4,5 to see how many hands remain. 

00:21 37 remain. 

Nad Ahmed 140K
Paul Clements 100K
Greame Smith 180K
Chris Craig 90K
Tony Mullan 150K
Gerard Lauchlan 165K

00:13 Enrigue makes it 3500 with Liam Spence and Janice Maclean calling. Flop As7d5d. Enrigue leads for 4K Liam and Jance call. Turn 6h all 3 Players check. River 5s and its checked to Liam who bets 7K. Janice Calls Liam announces A9 and Janice mucks.

00:10 Some of the Players still in

Ronnie Dougan
Jim Maclean
Liam Spence
David Gillies
Billy Mundh
Chris Cairns

00:05 Todd Cairns still nursing small stack. Trying to catch some hands. Keeps folding but doesnt want to bust. Goooooooo Todd. 

00:01 Players now on the last Level. 40 Moins to go. 39 Players remain.

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