Grosvenor Link Game Day 1b Level 9 600/1200 RA 100

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 28th March 2015 @ 23:06


23:50 We just lost Fred Demarco. Down to 41 Players. Nobody has gained any big stacks. Play has tighened up as we are about to enter the last Level.

23:37 Down to 45 Players on 5 Tables. we have 13 Players already through. How many do you think will make it tonight??????

23:34 Top 3 Stacks Photo's

Paul Clements

Enrique Martinez

Nad Ahmed

23:24 There has been a last Longer bet across all Flights. Grosvenor have GTD 2 Seats into the up and coming GUKPT in Edinburgh valued at £550 per seat. There were around 45 Players bought in for £20. Small overlay for Grosvenor. Updates as soon as we get them for people still left in.

23:21 Here are the Top Chips around the room

Name Chips
Paul Clements 150K
Enrique Martinez 140K
Nad Ahmed 130K
Tyson Lauchlan 110K
Tony Mullen 100K
Michael Herraghty 96K
David Gillies 85K
Greame Smith 80K
Marco Ogan 70K

23:06 Top 10 Chip counts coming up.

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