Grosvenor Link Game Day 1b Level 7 400/800 RA 75

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 28th March 2015 @ 21:45


22:14 Please find the Link to the Facebook page for all Photograph's

22:05 Nad wins a big hand. Ryan Gibb raises and Nad calls in the BB. Flop is J42 Check by Nad and called Ryan bets, Turn J bet call by Nad. River 6 Bet by Ryan raised by Nad and called. QQ for Ryan and J6 for Rivered Full House. Nad now up to 140K

21:54 72 Players remain across 8 Tables. 36,700 is the Chip Average.

21:46 Here are the Top 10 Stacks

Name Chips
Nad Ahmed 90K
Paul Clements 85K
Gerard Lauchlan 81K
James Mclean 80K
Michael Herraghty 75K
Andy Fulton 75K
Greame Smith 68K
David Gillies 61K
Hanzhao Wang 60K
John McMaster 56K
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