Grosvenor Link Game Day 1b Level 4 150/300 RA 25

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 28th March 2015 @ 19:27


19:55 More Photographs being uploaded to the Facebook Page.

19:48 We still have 14 Alternates to get into the Tourney. 

19:42 Off to get some more Photograph's. Please find all of them here

19:40 Unconfirmed but looks like 240 Players in Total with a Total Prizepool of £24,000 Well Done everyone.

19:36 We lose Gordon Hannay as his QQ is beat by 99 All in Pre Flop!!!!! Flop is 924 A 6. Nabil Chawick wins with 99

19:29 Nad Ahmed is the current Chip Leader, Here is Nad in action.


19:27 Various Chip Counts

Steve Demarco 31K

Kyle Pullicino 42K

Chris Alexander 34K
Ronnie Dougan 34K
Janice Maclean 31K
David Lynch 45K
Lloyd Swan 32K
Rizwan Ghazanfar 36K
Nad Ahmed 74K
Liam Spence 34K
Zoltan Balog 54K
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