Grosvenor Link Game Day 1b Level 3 100/200

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 28th March 2015 @ 18:41


19:07 We now have a Break 15 Mins for Late Reg. Currently 237 Players and a Prizepool of £23,370

19:03 Chips

James Maclean 42K
Martin Campbell 34K
John Mcderrmot 33K
Davie Lynch 44K
Nad Ahmed 68K
Mark Dolan 36K
Zoltan Balog 58K
Robbie Dalgleish 32K

18:54 Some chip counts coming up.

18:48 We have now got 219 Players across all flights. Thats £21,900 in the prizepool.

18:42 3 Way all in with James Maclean, Amit Patni and Vitor Cortico. Flop is 4c5c2d

James has 46, Amit Ac8c and Vitor 25. Turn Qh River Qs

We lose Amit and James wins the 4K side pot and Vitor wins the 34K main pot.

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