Alea Monthly - March Day 2 - Level 26 (20000/40000) RA 4000

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 16th March 2015 @ 0:18


00:45 Nad raises to 100K and Martin callls. Flop 325 Nad Leads for 100K. Called. Turn 9 Nad leads for 125K. Called. River 7s. Nad again fires for 225k. Martin thinks and thinks and thinks. He eventually calls and says A High!!!!!!!! Ace high is good!!!. Brilliant stuff from Martin.

00:32 I sense a bit of frustration in Dean as he announces he had the nuts in a previous hand he folded preflop.

00:29 Nad raises to 100K but Martin 3 Bets to 250k. Nad has a think and folds.

00:19 Dean is now in the 10-15 bb category. Soon to be fireworks.

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