Alea Monthly - March Day 2 - Level 25 (15000/30000) RA 3000

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 15th March 2015 @ 23:37


00:10 Dean Limps, Martin Raises Dean Reraises and Martin jams all in. KK for Martin and 99 for Dean. Flop 8T4 5 J. Martin doubles to 1.2m and Dean is ledt with 600K. 

Nad Ahmed 2.1m
Dean Hutchison 600K
Martin J Smith - 1.2m 

23:59 Nothing of note to report. Button seems to be raising and everyone folds.

23:37 Flop is 284 and Martin Leads, Called by Dean. J Turn and Martin leads for Dean to shove all in. Martin calls. Martin has 84 for two pair and Dean has J2 for Top Pair. River Bricks and Martin Doubles to 1m. Nad know chip Leader!!!!

16th March 2015 @ 0:02
Wow two pair 8s and 4s beats two pair jacks and 2s. They playing different rules in alea
16th March 2015 @ 0:06
Was just thinking the same, Maybe its reverse poker
16th March 2015 @ 3:26
Dean actually had J2. Poker rules intact.
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