Alea Monthly - March Day 2 - Level 24 (12000/24000) RA 3000

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 15th March 2015 @ 22:58


23:30 No talk of a deal yet. 

Alea Monthly - March
Prize Value
1st £4,650 
2nd £2,710 
3rd £1,720 

23:22 Dean raises the button and tells Nad he can fold. Nad obliges and folds.

23:15 Still no movement on Chips. Expect to see fireworks sooooon

23:06 Dean seems to winning the wars with Nad. Its all very small ball poker.

22:58 Here are the counts.

Nad Ahmed 1.45m
Dean Hutchison 1.9M
Martin J Smith - 523K  
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