Alea Monthly - March Day 2 - Level 23 (10000/20000) RA 2000

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 15th March 2015 @ 22:16


22:50 Players going on a 5 Minute comfort break. Full counts coming up!!!!

22:48 Our 3 Remaining players.


22:40 Everybody taking a shot of raising and both players folding. 

22:35 Players have asked for a 5 min break at the end of the level!.

22:32 Chip counts of the 3 Left.

Nad Ahmed 1.1m
Dean Hutchison 2.2M
Martin J Smith - 550K 

22:30 Then there were 3!!!!

22:23 Mark raises to 52K and Dean Shoves and is called by Mark. Ad2d for Mark and AhJh for Dean. Board runs Kh5hKc 10h 9h Dean wins with the Nut Flush and we lose Mark in 4th place and winning £1,320 Well Played Mark

Alea Monthly - March
Prize Value
1st £4,650 
2nd £2,710 
3rd £1,720 
4th Mark Mcmenimin £1,320 
5th Wullie Mclure £1,070 
6th Andrew Shek £870 
7th Davie Kerr £700 
8th Craig Kirk £560 
9th Paul Clements £450 
10th Greg Mcreadie £350 
11th Eddie McNab £260 
12th Kris Mackenzie £220 
13th Scott Cooper £220 
14th John Miller£200 
15th Allan Rowe £200 
16th Allan Banks
17th Drew Mclelland
18th Walter Niven
19th Alan Wilder
20th Maj Iqbal
21st Tony Galloway
22nd Todd Cairns


22:20 Mark raises to 132k and Nad shoves. Mark folds and shows 88 Nad flips AA.. Bullet dodged Mark

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