Alea Monthly - March Day 2 - Level 13 (1200/2400) RA 300

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 15th March 2015 @ 14:46


15:29 Thing's looking a lot better for Martin J Smith.

15:26 Thing's have slowed down. First Break is at 17:20.

15:11 New Chip Leader.Nad Ahmed. He has A8 on a 868 Board. Joe Mcdonald has KK. Joe Leads Nad shoves and Joe Tanks and then calls. Turn A and River 4 Nad Ships the 300K Pot and now has 340K

15:05 Please remember that all photograph's can be found here

15:00 Biggest Chips in the room

Scott Cooper - 280K
Paul Clements - 304K
Alan Wilder - 220K
Davie Kerr - 220K
William Mclure - 220K
Greg Mcreadie - 109K

14:54 Some Chip counts coming up.

14:51 Blind on Blind and both Players get all the chips in the middle Pre-Flop. Martin Hammond has KK and Scott Cooper has AA. No King for Martin and Scott stacks the 180K and is almost Chip leader.

14:47 Blinds are up and we have 35 Players remain.

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