Alea Monthly - March Day 1b - Level 6 (250/500) RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 14th March 2015 @ 17:10


17:42 Next hand Martin Smith says "I'll play the rush" and opens to 1,200 UTG. Kevin Yeung immediately moves all in then Ian Johnstone Smith does the same! Martin calls and shows Aces! He's against 96o and A8. Ian doubles his shortie when he hits Trips but Martin wins the side pot vs Seat 2 and he is eliminated.

17:39 Seat 8 limps for 500, Martin Smith makes it 1,400 (AJo), called from Seat 4 in the SB (slow playing KK!) and Seat 5 BB (J9). Seat 8 joins the party. Flop JJ7. Seat 4 bets 2.5k, Seat 5 calls, Seat 8 folds and Martin makes it 9k.Seat 4 snap shoves, Seat 5 does the same and Martin calls. 3 on the turn, Ace on the river for Martin to treble his 25k stack with a full house!

17:34 We are currently working on the Prizepool Payout and will post up as soon as we have it.

17:26 Chip Counts from around the room.

Greg Mccreadie 76K
Todd Cairns 50K
Liam Spence 42K
Jim Mclean 58K
Tony Galloway 28K
Rocco 80K
William Mclure 90K

17:21 More stuff from Twitter

17:10 We have a total of 73 entries today. Add that to the 82 from Yesterday and we have a total of 155. Total Prizepool is £15,500 A huge congratulations to the Alea Glasgow and many thanks to all the Players and Staff. Brilliant effort.

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