Alea Monthly - March Day 1b - Level 5 (200/400) RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 14th March 2015 @ 16:19


17:01 We have beat the £15,000

16:56 A late flurry of players buying in. Can we get to £15K?

16:51 Players now on a break. Final no's and Prizepool with you ASAP.

16:46 Players can surrender there stack at the end of this level and re-enter if this is still there first entry today. 25K and 50bb for anyone who enters in the break.

16:41 There will be a 20 minute break after this level. in 10 mins time.

16:38 Absolutely fair play to the Casino with regard to the Dealers. We have had dealers provided for some of the tables throughout today.

16:34 Prizepool is now £14,700. Brillaint Effort.

16:27 Some of the players have been using Twitter!!!. Please use #aleamonthly


16:22 61 entries and a Prizepool of £14,300 Awesome.

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