Alea Monthly - March Day 1b - Level 1 (50/100)

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 14th March 2015 @ 13:22



14:44 Players are across 5 tables. Off to get some photograph's.

14:39 39 players and the prizepool stands at £12,100

14:36 Some of the players playing today are: Greg Mcreadie, Ian Swan, Todd Cairns Cameron Gibb, John Stirling, David Shaw, Tracey Mcmeachen and Paul Clements.

14:31 25 players now entered and starting to build momentum.

14:18 We have now smashed the GTD £10K how many can we get. Go on the Alea Facebook page for a chance to win a free entry into Monday nights game. 

14:13 Big Pot alert!!!! First hand on table 1. David Shaw and Alan Banks see a flop and turn of 437 A and David Leads for 3K called by Alan. River 3 and David Leads again to be reraised. David says why did you call the flop? he calls and flips 56 for Flopped nuts. Alan turns over A3 for Rivered full house. 37k pot goes to Alan on the first hand!!!!.Wow,

14:09 21 Players now in and involved.

14:00 Shuffle up and Deal.

13:59 17 Players commenced, We have £9,900 of the £10,000 secured. Lets GOGOGOGOGOGOGO

13:57 Players are being called in. 

13:44 Players now starting to arrive. Hopefully we get as good a turnout as lssdt night.

13:37 Please put these in your Diary for the next 9 Legs and the Grand final.

Leg 1 – 13th-15th March
Leg 2 – 10th-12th April
Leg 3 – 22nd-24th May
Leg 4 – 26th-28th June
Leg 5 – 31st Jul-2nd Aug
Leg 6 – 28th-30th Aug
Leg 7 – 26th-28th Sept
Leg 8 – 23rd-25th Oct
Leg 9 – 27th-29th Nov
Leg 10 – 11th-13th Dec
Final – 20th Dec

13:30 82 Players yesterday. Can we get the same Today?

13:27 Scott Cooper is our Chip Leader and the 23 Players through are:

Name Chips
Scott Cooper 182,100
John Miller 154,300
Mark Mcmenamin 147,800
Joe McDonald 141,400
Rizwan Ghazanfar 127,000
Ross Greig 111,400
K Othman 109,100
Manny Hussain 107,300
Alan Rowe 103,600
Waseem Nazir 103,300
Dean Hutchison 102,100
Greame Smith 93,200
Majid Iqbal 90,600
Alan Wilder 83,800
Andrew Shek 74,400
Ronnie Ferras 65,500
Iain Newlands 63,900
Tom Magarvey 51,400
E,McNabb 48,400
Walter Niven 40,700
Robert Aitkin 30,700
Adam Jackson 24,600
Paul Brown 20,100

13:22 Welcome from the Alea Casino in Glasgow. Its Day 1b and we get started at 2pm. 23 Players are already through to Sunday's Day 2.

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