Alea Monthly - March Day 1a - Level 6 (250/500) RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 13th March 2015 @ 22:15


22:51 Now breaking to 6 Tables. 

22:43 We have 58 Players remain. How many will come back on Sunday?

22:36 As Jack announced on Facebook. 72 Unique entries and 10 Re-entries. Just brilliant and £8,200 towards the GTD £10,000. Great Stuff. Thanks for the support.

22:31 Here you go. 

Table 1
Scott Cooper 80K
Alan Wilder 84K
Adam Jackson 36K
Table 2
Danny Flynn 32K
Tom Peran 35K
Dean Hutchison 37K
Table 3
Tracey Maceachen 38K
Mansoor Hussain 62K
Paul Clements 74K
Table 4
John Miller 57K
Cameron Gibb 40K
John Little 29K
Table 5
Maj Iqbal 70K
Tony Galloway 44K
Greame Smith 36K
Table 6
Tristian Mckay 47K
Del Malone 59K
Selin Ogdan 36K
Table 7
Rizwan Glagzanfer 50K
Lee Penrice 42K
GK 25K

22:24 Chip counts coming up


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