Alea Monthly - March Day 1a - Level 5 (200/400) RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 13th March 2015 @ 21:25


22:00 Its a 20 Minute Break,.

21:53 61 remain.. Will let Jack announce the no of entries for Day 1a once the registration is closed for tonight. 

21:47 Break in 10 mins.

21:43 75 Entries so far. Brilliant effort by all involved. There is a competition on the Facebook page for no of Entries on Day 1.

21:40 Get to table 3 and see a monster pot Awarded to Paul Clements. He is easily the chip leader. He has Kh6h on a 3h4c9h board calls a 5K bet Turn Qs Seat 1 bets 10K and Paul calls. River 4h. Seat 1 Leads for 15K and is called by Paul. Seat 1 had Qh8h. Paul is chip Leader on 85K

21:27 Please note you can find all photograph's here:

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