Alea Monthly - March Day 1a - Level 4 (150/300) RA 25

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 13th March 2015 @ 20:24


21:20 There will be a 30 Min Break at 21:55 where i will try and get some chip counts. going to be difficult but will try.

21:18 There are 2 Cash Tables running. a £1-£2 Texas NL with a list of names, and a £5-£5 6 card PLO with a min buy of £250. Cash tables really busy as well.

21:17 This is what they are playing for. Plus the money obv.


21:15 We now have a total of 70 entriies. 62 remain.

21:08 Stick these in your Diary's this is the full list of dates for all 10 Legs and the Grand Final.

Leg 1 – 13th-15th March
Leg 2 – 10th-12th April
Leg 3 – 22nd-24th May
Leg 4 – 26th-28th June
Leg 5 – 31st Jul-2nd Aug
Leg 6 – 28th-30th Aug
Leg 7 – 26th-28th Sept
Leg 8 – 23rd-25th Oct
Leg 9 – 27th-29th Nov
Leg 10 – 11th-13th Dec
Final – 20th Dec

21:07 Late Reg until 10:15 

21:01 Now got a line of people trying to enter.

20:52 Entries are now at 64 and counting.

20:47 Chip Leaders are:

Maj Iqbal 60K
John Miller 45K
Paul Clements 50K
Archie 11K
Adam Jackson 39K
John Little 19K
Robert Matheson 54K

20:35 Flop is 2s3c4d Andrew Hawksby Leads and Maj asks of he has a Made hand. Andrew says i have now. Maj shoves and Hawksby snaps. AA for Hawksby and 65 fpor the Flopped Nuts for Maj. Turn and river no help. Andrew Hawkesby left with 2K and Maj doubles to 57K

20:32 Some Chip Counts coming Up.

20:27 The Alea Cardroom have now 3 Dealers involved on the Tournament. Fantastic gesture by Jack and Team. 50% of Tables hve Dealers, 

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