Alea Monthly - March Day 1a - Level 3 (150/300)

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 13th March 2015 @ 19:40


20:19 We have great Turnout so far. 55 Players and a GTD £10K prizepool. Late reg is until 10:15

20:12 Massive hand for Adeel Moughal and Robert Matheson get it all in on the flop. Set over Set. Robert had JJ and we lose Adeel.

20:07 Just went and got some photo's of the room and some individual shots as well

19:58 41 Players and growing, Fantastic atmosphere in here.

19:53 All Photograph's are here:

19:49 Players are now spread across 4 Tables. 

19:41 33 Players now Registered. £3,300.00 in the Prizepool.


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