25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 2 - Level 21 (10000/20000) RA 2000

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 1st March 2015 @ 20:25


22:05 Latest Chip Counts (approx):

1 Mindaugas Kriauciunas 450,000
2 Michael Carr 350,000
3 Alex Ferguson 2,200,000
4 Lloyd Jack 430,000
5 Nehme (Elmoro) Asmar 330,000
6 Bradley Marsh 190,000
7 Steven Raffan 470,000
8 James Garioch 400,000
9 Simon Yates 180,000

21:52 Micahel shoves on the button and Alex announces All In too. Lloyd tanks and folds. Michael JhQh, Alex AcKc. Board runs AhTs5h-Kh-7d. Michael makes a Broadway Straight and doubles to 400K.

21:50 Bradley raises to 40K and it folds to Alex on the BB. He 3bets to 112K and Bradley folds. Alex flips 94 off-suit and tells the table "My big blind is not up for grabs".

21:45 Steven raises to 81k and Lloyd shoves all in. Steven asks for a count. 296,500 was the answer and he elects to fold.

21:41 Michael Carr just won a nice pot re-raising an intial open. Everyone folded.

21:40 Alex applying the pressure from the off.

21:35 Here is the Final Table Photograph...

21:27 Final Table is off and Running.

21:06 Here is the Chip Counts:

1 Mindaugas Kriauciunas 545,000
2 Michael Carr 212,500
3 Alex Ferguson 1,865,000
4 Lloyd Jack 340,000
5 Nehme (Elmoro) Asmar 350,000
6 Bradley Marsh 380,000
7 Steven Raffan 553,000
8 James Garioch 522,500
9 Simon Yates 190,000

21:02 Seat Draw:

1 Mindaugas Kriauciunas
2 Michael Carr
3 Alex Ferguson
4 Lloyd Jack
5 Nehme (Elmoro) Asmar
6 Bradley Marsh
7 Steven Raffan
8 James Garioch
9 Simon Yates

20:55 Seat Draw coming up.

20:40 We pick this one up on the 3c3sAs Flop. Liam Davis shoves for 470,500 and it's Alex Ferguson to act. No One behind. Liam starts talking to Fergie telling him he will not call and that he has been running great all day. Alex says "I have an Ace" then calls. A4 for Fergie and QsJs (Flush Draw) for Liam. Turn Tc. River 2c. Alex wins the half million chip pot and extends his huge chip lead.

The next hand we have Dougie all in with QJ and Alex Calls with KQ. Board 523-Q-K. Dougie out in 10th. We have our final table!

1 £12,000.00
2 £7,800.00
3 £5,000.00
4 £3,360.00
5 £2,320.00
6 £1,680.00
7 £1,320.00
8 £1,120.00
9 £1,000.00
10 £880.00 Dougie Mitchell
11 £800.00 Liam Davis
12 £720.00 Alisdair Macrae
13 £720.00 Stewart Dickson
14 £640.00 Craig Ritchie
15 £640.00 Allan Reid

20:35 Names of the 5 people in Last Man Standing:

Mindaugas Kriauciunas
Lloyd jack
Doug Mitchell
Steven Raffan
Simon Yates
They have agreed that 4th Place will get the £70 so this effectively is the LMS Bubble.

20:28 We have 5 Left on the LMS with 3 x £550 GUKPT seats and the first place getting the additional £70.

1st March 2015 @ 21:53
Wayne grieve
Hope the final table blog is better
1st March 2015 @ 22:05
I've been following the Day 2 blog all day and think it has been very good. Lots of updates, what the players are saying and hand details. Start of the FT looking good too.
1st March 2015 @ 22:08
holy jihad
the blog is appreciated big time - MJS does it the best though!
1st March 2015 @ 22:10
Wayne grieve
Did mean it in a bad way boy I love get the up dates just more hand for hand
1st March 2015 @ 22:11
Sp Bloggerr
Thanks for feedback. What would you suggest be added to be on a Par with MJS Blog. All constructive feedback is appreciated.
1st March 2015 @ 22:12
Sp Blogger
Ye trying Wayne. Its difficult to type and get updates each hand. Trying to give the viewers what they want.
1st March 2015 @ 22:13
no problem
Its good with hand descriptions and responding to viewer comments. Don't get me wrong SP blogger very much enjoyed your work this weekend - if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be able to follow it.
1st March 2015 @ 22:21
Sp Blogger
Thanks No Problem. Here to Please
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