25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000) RA 600

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 1st March 2015 @ 15:18


15:59 Some Chip Counts coming up.

Lloyd Jack 300K
Alex Ferguson 200K
Michael carr 170K
Grant Cooper 110K
Doug Mitchell 220K
Allan Reid 340K
Les Clark 110K
Cory Low 320K
Steven Gray 146K

15:54 Here are the exits

37 Alan Carlyle
38 Luke Fotheringham
39 Willioam Geddes
40 Gajanthan Kamalanathan
41 Dennis Camille
42 Steven Duncan
43 Gordon Anderson
44 Abdul Alhafez
45 Steven Lynch
46 Daryl Benton
47 Alex Davidson
48 Ken Fong
49 Connor Elrick
50 Thomas Ward
51 Mutrray Angus
52 Lewis Coffin
53 Jamie Munro
54 Marius Varanavicius
55 Martin Dimes
56 Russell Gibson
57 Bjorn Brynjulfsen
58 Leon Sarandis

15:52 36 players remain on 4 tables. Average stack is 147,100.

15:45 Monstor hand involving Grant Cooper and Allan Reid. I didn't catch any action until the River with the 994-4-8 board but Allan Reid shoves all in and Grant Cooper tanks and tanks and tanks before announcing "I call" saying "Queen High". Allan announces "King High" and takes it down! Allan now has 340K. 

15:40 We lose William Geddes. He shoves 35K and is called by Alex Ferguson. William has AdKs v KcQc for Alex. Board runs 10c4h3c. Turn Jd. River 2c for the Flush for Alex.

15:33 I hear a few all ins but no takers. Steven Gray and Craig Ritchie get their shoves through.

15:25 Level up. Players around the 100K mark may be thinking about trying to get some chips. They only have 15bbs now.

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