25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000) RA 300

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 1st March 2015 @ 13:42


14:19 Players now on a 15 min break. Top 3 Stacks coming up. Chip race will also commence.

14:15 LMS updates. Here is the list of players:

Dennis Camille
Steven Duncan
Luke Fotheringham
Steven Gray
Lloyd Jack
Mindaugas Kriauciunas
Cory Low
Bradley Marsh
Doug Mitchell
Thomas Naylor
John Peebles
Steven Raffan
Lee Richards
Craig Ritchie
Neil Robertson
Shaun Rutter
Keith Scott
Gary White
Simon Yates

14:10 We have 20 Players still involved with the Last Man Standing (LMS) competition. Names coming up.

14:01 Here is the current Seat Draw...

13:54 Alex Ferguson shoves for 60,500 over a raise from GK. It's folded back to GK and he calls flipping over AQ v JJ of Alex. Classic lip. Board runs out JQ4-K-J. Only Quads for Fergie and a double up.

13:52 We have 45 players remaining. Average is 111,100. 5 Tables.

13:47 Here is the list of exits so far:

46 Daryl Benton
47 Alex Davidson
48 Ken Fong
49 Connor Elrick
50 Thomas Ward
51 Mutrray Angus
52 Lewis Coffin
53 Jamie Munro
54 Marius Varanavicius
55 Martin Dimes
56 Russell Gibson
57 Bjorn Brynjulfsen
58 Leon Sarandis
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