25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400) RA 300

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 1st March 2015 @ 12:48


13:34 Selected Chip Counts

Keith Scott 140K
Allan Reid 140K
Grant Cooper 150K
Thomas Naylor 230K
Cory Low 215K
Alisdair Macrae 250K
Gordon Anderson 98K

13:28 Some chip counts coming up.

13:18 Michael Carr re-raises to 12K from the 4,500 raise of Alex Ferguson. Flop comes AQA. Check Check. Turn 2s and Alex leads for 14,600 which is called. River is 5c and Alex leads again, this time for 32,700. Michael has a think and eventually called. Alex says Six High. Michael has KK and takes down the 120K pot.

13:06. Big Hand involving 2 Aberdeen locals. Nehme (Elmoro) Asmar calls the 2,400, Neil Robertson makes it 5K, Les Clark makes it 14K, Alex Davidson then makes it 25,400. All folded to Les. Alex tells him he should fold. Les says he can't and shoves all in. Alex calls. Les AA v the KK of Alex. Board TA9-K-T. Les ships the 210K pot and Alex is left with fumes.

12:54 We have 6 tables and 53 players. Chip Average is 94,300.

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