25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 1C - Level 7 (400/800) RA 75

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 28th February 2015 @ 20:37


20:58 We have 3 cash tables running. They are available to run 24 hours and will be available right through till 6am on Monday morning!

20:49 Live Poker is rigged! All in Pre-flop with Kestutis Kucinskas' AA v the KK of Steven Lynch. Cards run 7JT-K-A. Kestutis was Ahead, Behind, Winner. That was an 80K pot and Kestutis breathes out. 

20:41 38 Players remain. Chip Average is 43,400.

20:37 Chip counts at the Break:

Loyd Jack 64K
Tom Ward 70K
Euan Baxter 38K
Shaun Rutter 70K
Kieran Woods 65K
Adrain Coman 55K
Gary Gracey 51K
Steven Lynch 60K
Lewis Coffin 90K
Robert Grant 40K
Michael Salvador 58K
Lee Richards 56K
Keith Scott 70K
28th February 2015 @ 21:06
Mal Malcolm
Do you know how many places will be paid out?
28th February 2015 @ 21:10
David the blogger is just waiting on confirmed of the payouts from staff then they will be posted on the blog. Shouldn't be too much longer.
28th February 2015 @ 21:22
SP Blogger
Payout Structure has now been announced and is on the Website
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