25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 1C - Level 6 (300/600) RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 28th February 2015 @ 19:44


20:20 Players now on a Break.

20:11 Some Chip counts of the larger Stacks:

Kieran Woods 55K
Dan Coll 55K
Tom Ward 72K
Lewis Coffin 87K
Michael Salvador 50K
Keith Scott 80K

19:57 Break at the end of this Level. 

19:51 Play has settled down and the pace not so hot. How many do you think will get Through? I go for 21.

28th February 2015 @ 20:30
wayne grieve
M j smith should be doing the blog as it shit he the man for the job there been nothing about hands or nothing mr j smith he on the ball when he doing it . Get him back for the next 25/25
28th February 2015 @ 20:31
David Ho
Can someone check if Dany Coll has a bottle of buckfast under the table? Cheers.
28th February 2015 @ 21:25
Wayne, give David a break. Blogging an event like this on your own is a tough (and long) job even if it doesn't look like it at times. I did 7 of these 25/25 blogs last year; my first ones were not that great and the improved with time. I always think that Day 2 is the real test for the blogger as the field gets smaller and detail of the action becomes more important so please give the blog a chance and see it through to the end of the weekend before passing judgement. David and I are doing about half of the blogs each in 2015. I'll be at the next one in Dundee and also in Aberdeen in September amongst others I think.
28th February 2015 @ 21:27
Mr Ho, everyone knows that Dany Coll only hits the Buckfast after he busts out and is on the Train of Shame home.
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