25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 1B - Level 9 (600/1200) RA 100

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 28th February 2015 @ 1:11


01:50 We lose Alex Buchan and Shaun Moir. Doen to 28.

01:35 Play has slowed right down!!! still 30 Players on 4 Tables.

01:21 Here are the 3 Chip Leaders

Bryan Carr

Wayne Shinnie

Neil Robertson

01:17 Chip stacks from the break.

John Thain 75K
Marius Varanavicius 62K
Simon Yates 65K
Wayne Shinnie 140K
Sean More 63K
Nehme Al Asmar 75K
Thomas Partridge 80K
Bryan Carr 141K
Helge Farestveit 65K
Connor Elrick 80K
Neil Robertson 110K

01:13 Players return and about to commence.

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