25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 1B - Level 7 (500/1000) RA 100

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 28th February 2015 @ 0:19


01:03 Remember your Local casino will be running Live Sats to these Tournaments. Get Involved.

01:00 Players off on the last 15 Minute Break.

00:53 31 remain and the Chip Avg is 54,000. 54 BB is the Chip Average. Fantastic Tournament with a Fantastic Structure.

00:39 Seems like Aces are not to be played. raised by Danielle Paterson and called in the BB by Iain Morrison. Flop 243. Iain Leads and is re-raised by Danielle. Iain Shoves and all the chips are in the middle. Iain has 56 for flopped Straight and Danielle has AA. No help for Danielle and she exits the Tourney. Iain takes the 90K and is amongst the chip Leaders. 

00:33 Seems to be a lot of shorter stacks remaining. I will go and get the 3 Biggest Stacks in the room.

00:25 3 Cash tables going full swing. potential for a 4th coming spoon.

28th February 2015 @ 0:24
the guvnor
hows the hookers up ther
28th February 2015 @ 21:29
The blogging team has no comment on that. Message T Cairns for further information.
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