25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 1B - Level 7 (400/800) RA 75

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 27th February 2015 @ 23:38


00:19 Photo's of the room.

0015 We have 36 Players and will be moving to 4 Tables!.

00:13 Thomas Partridge Doubles with JJ V AT on a Flop of J98 2 K He now has 50K

00:08 Boaby Jardine is playing Cash.

00:04 Players will come back to Blinds 1000/2000 with a 200 Ante on Sunday. Kick off 12pm.

23:59 We have 3 cash tabkes running. The cash tables will run from 9pm tonight until 6am on Monday. going to be really busy!!!

23:56 Now at 39 Players remain. How many come back on Sunday? I will go for 14. 

23:50 Big Double up for GK. Board reads 8c9hJc and its allin and call between GK with 6c7c v Alex Davidson with 9T. Turn 8s River 3C to give GK the Flush. GK doubles to 88K. 

23:45 Here are the chipcounts from the Break.

John Thain 55K
Steven Raffan 75K
Abdul Alhafez (The Dentist) 55K
Shahidur Rahman 40K
Wayne Shinnie 80K
Marius Varanavicius 65K
Nehme Al Asmar 55K
Alex Davidson 75K
Bryan Carr 95K
John Peebles 48K
Kevin Ellis 60K
Sam Price 45K
Helge Farestveit 58K
Connor Elrick 51K
Neil Robertson 45K

23:40 Players now back. 42 Players remain,.

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