25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 1B - Level 4 (200/400) RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 27th February 2015 @ 22:01


22:43 Here you go.

Todd Cairns 46K
Jamie Munro 65K
Chris Roberts 46K
Ian Wright 10K
Alex Buchan 60K
Marius Varanavicius 62K
Steven Raffen 76K
Wayne Shinnie 50K
Cameron Gibb 78K

22:37 Some Chip Counts coming up.

22:32 53 Players remain. Now at 6 tables.

22:16 More Photograph's updated on the Facebook Page.

22:11 Catch up with all the Photograph's of Todays Flight 1B here https://www.facebook.com/scottishpoker/photos_stream

22:02 58 Players remain from the 67 that started.

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