25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 1B - Level 4 (150/300) RA 25

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 27th February 2015 @ 21:09


21:43 Aberdeen's Finest Poker Players.

Raymond Spike Innes

Ian Wright

Boaby Jardine

Jamie Munro

Alex Buchan - Chip Leader at the Break.

21:39 Aberdeen Pro's coming up....

21:36 More Players

Chris Roberts

Thomas Partridge

21:30 Re-Registration is closed and we have had a total of 67 for Today. Thats 134 across the 2 Days.

21:25 Raymond Innes lost all but 400 Chips when the board reads Ks8h3s Raymond has K4 v 8s9s. Turn 5h River is Js to give the Flush to his opponent.. Raymond is left with very little and loses the last hand happily to allow him to Re-Enter. 

21:17 Selected Chip counts from the break.

Todd Cairns 45K
John Peebles 50K
William Morrison 33K
Neil Robertson 46K
Steven Raffan 47K
Dennis Camille 31K
Stewart Robb 38K
Alex Buchan 70K
Cameron Gibb 38K
Marius Varanavicius 66K
Nehme Al Asmar 39K
Thomas Partridge 29K
Jamie Munro 40K
Stephen Mckay 28K
Chris Roberts 42K
ian Morrison 43K
James Low 33K
Helge Farestveit 48K
Peter Stephen 28K
Abdul Alhafez (The Real Dentist) 40K
GK 70K
Sam Price 40K
27th February 2015 @ 23:17
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