25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 1A - Level 3 (100/200)

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 26th February 2015 @ 20:27


21:06 Top 3 Stacks from Each Table. Coming up.

21:00 Players now on 15 Min Break.

20:52 Alan Reid scoops a biggie. All in Pre withn AQ v 5d6d v 4s4h Pot is 72K. Flop is J79 5 A Alan rivers the Ace and takes out Daniel Wilmot and Keilan Knight.

20:38 More Players around the room.

Steven Gray has re-entered.

Doug Mitchell getting Vocal.

20:35 The most consistent 25/25 player to date has to be Aberdeen-based Boaby Jardine. He has had 4 x 25/25 FTs to date. 1st/8th/8th/9th. Pretty impressive and I'm sure he will be here over the next couple of days to try to add to that.

20:31 This is the last Level to enter and re-enter. 58 so far and £11,600 in the Prizepool so far.

26th February 2015 @ 21:03
Thanks for the blog but
Some scotspro updates PLZ (lewis fowler)
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