25/25 Aberdeen III - Day 1A - Level 2 (75/150)

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 26th February 2015 @ 19:48


20:29 Can Grant Cooper go 1 better? 2nd here in Aberdeen last year and then he went on to come 2nd in Dundee the leg after. No win for him in Grosvenor's 25/25 yet; could this be the one?

20:23 Alex Ferguson in da house...vocal and having banter with everyone. He calls a preflop raise of 500. Flop comes 7s6h8s and Check calls the 1400 bet from Lewis Coffin. Turn Jh and Alex leads for 1850 and Lewis then makes it 4100. Alex asks Lewis what he has remaining and is told 14,175. Alex pauses and announces ALL IN. Lewis thinks it over but elects to Fold.

20:19 We have 57 Runners so far.

20:10 We are also following the Twitter #2525aberdeen Here is the first of many...


20:03 Here is your Chip Leader

Luke Fotheringham

19:57 Monster Pot!!!!

We get there on a 2h3d8h Board.

Luke Fotherham Shoves, Jamie Low Shoves and Steven Gray cant get his chips in fast enough!!!!

The hands:

Luke AhAs

Jamie JsJd

Steven 8h8d for flopped Set.

Turn is 3h for Steven to hit Full House

River is Ad

Luke rivers the bigger Full House and knocks 2 players out. 75K and Luke is the Chip Leader.

19:49 Various Stacks

Grant Cooper - 38K

Stuart Wilson - 18K

Andrew Hutcheon - 37K

Les Clark - 23K

Thomas Partridge - 20K

Tik Shum - 48K

Jamie Low - 19K

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