25/25 Series Merchant City III - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 18th January 2015 @ 13:33


14:17 Players on a 15 Minute Break. Top 3 Stacks by table Coming up.

14:12 Twitter 

14:03 Now down to 6 Tables and 49 Players. Chip Average is 131,600

13:56 Down to 53. We lost Jamie Gillespie, Chris McCaffery, Daniel Mcaulay and Chris Ferguson.

13:47 Just Seen Ludo and Mark Mcgovern having a tussle both Preflop and a on the Flop of 9dJhQh but Ludo prevails. Adds 30K to his stack.

13:41 Day 2 Twitter updates.

13:37 More Bust outs - William Mclure, Mario Fionde, Neil Feenan, Ke Wai Chung and Mudasser Hussain.

18th January 2015 @ 14:13
Free breakfasts for all
Cheers for the blog it is appreciated. More scotspro updates please!
18th January 2015 @ 14:25
Following Ross Duff (Bubbles) and John Mcmaster (the Table Guy) Take it down guys!!!
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