25/25 Series Glasgow Merchant III - Day 2 - Level 15 3000/6000 600

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 18th January 2015 @ 15:17


16:07 Michael Harraghy shoves and David Weeks calls. A10 v KK. Flop is KJQ 4 A Michael Flops the Nuts and holds to ship the 180K pot. 

16:04 Chip Leader is ScotsPro is All in. He has 570K

16:01 Keith Fraser is eliminated. KJ v Ludo's KQ

15:59 Bill Dimmer is eliminated. 30 Left.

15:58 We lose Brian Taylor. All in with 66 v David Weeks A8. Runs out A8T J 8. 31 Players remain.

15:56 Jamie Whyte out.

15:53 10 from the Money!!!!!

15:49 Chris Wilson Eliminated.

15:47 Twitter updates.

15:47 Mark Duguid has been eliminated.

15:45 34 Remain and Chip Average is 189,700

15:39 Ross Duff raises and Kieran Woods flats. Flop 436 Ross Checks and Kieran bets. Ross then raises with Kieran re-raising. All 370k chips are in the middle. Ross 33 and Kieran TT. Board bricks and Ross ships a decent pot.  

15:25 David Sim is all in with TT and is against AK of Ryan Straub ans we are off to the races. Cards run out as 7K6 A Q. We lose David SIm.

15:19 4 Tables remaining and 36 players. the following have beem eliminted:Richard Thomson, Thomas Bartlet, Kev Finnie, Andrew Hedley, Paul Clements, Richard Watson and William Geddes.

18th January 2015 @ 15:36
How's Chris Wilson doing
18th January 2015 @ 15:36
Enjoying the blog keep up the good work
18th January 2015 @ 16:01
Colin Napier
How's Ross Duff. And. John McMaster getting on
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