25/25 Series Merchant Glasgow III Day1C Level 5 200/400 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 17th January 2015 @ 19:02


19:37 Various Chip Counts

Tony Galloway 105K
Vince Calenti 60K
Tom Clark 18K
Brent Burnett 36K
Chris Ferguson 22K
Kieran Woods 66K
Alan Jacobson 52K
Peter Cunningham 67K

19:23 One Player had a £10 Acc on 10 Teams. Was waiting for Southampton. It Pays £2,500. Brilliant and Well played. On the other hand another player cahed out for £60 and it actually won for £500. Swings and Roundabouts.

19:18 Players out - Davie Kerr, Blyth Paterson and Elaine Dorrian.

19:09 Final No's have been confirmed. A Record Breaking 258 Entries and a Fantastic £51,600 Prizepool for the 25/25 Merchant City Glasgow.#2525glasgow  Well Done to all.

19:02 Table 4 see's Shireen Gibson raise to 800 and Steven Gray raise to 1900. Shireen calls. Flop 2c10c3s and Checked by both. Turn 8c and shireen bets 1900. Called by Steven. River is 4d and both check Shireen announces A high and Steven flips AK for a bigger Ace.

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