25/25 Series Merchant Glasgow III Day1C Level 4 150/300 25

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 17th January 2015 @ 18:20


18:55 Numbers have been completed and we have had 258 Entries. Prizepool £51,600 

18:51 Card Room Photographs

18:45 On Table 1 William Gordon opens to 900 UTG, called by Ryan Barnes and Mr Chen before Richard Thomson 3bets to 3k on the button. Martin Smith in the big blind then cold 4bets to 8.5k. The original raiser folds but Ryan throws his 16.3k all in! Mr Chen folds and Richard Thomson thinks for a while but also shoves all in (he has everyone well covered). Martin calls off (26k total) and shows KK. He's against Ryan's Ah6h and Richard Thomson's 88. A safe run out sees Martin move up to 68k

18:38 We currently have 11 alternates. These have been added to the prizepool. Which is £51,600   

18:31 Twitter feed is hot.



18:26 Chip counts across the Tables

Table 1
Name Chips
Richard Watson 32,000
Alex Stuart 52,000
Riichard Watson 40,000
Table 2
Name Chips
Gavin Mcguire 58,000
Jamie Munro 48,000
Kyle Sutherland 30,000
Table 3
Name Chips
Tracey Maceachan 35,000
Ed Dawson 40,000
Ian Mackay 32,000
Table 4
Name Chips
Peter Cunningham 51,000
John McDermott 42,000
Congham Wang 41,000
Table 5
Name Chips
Tony Galloway 120,000
Erasmo marko 52,000
Andry Myrodksmc 42,000
Table 6
Name Chips
Omar Ozkan 45,000
Alan jacobson 35,000
Terry Healy 30,000
Table 7
Name Chips
Alan Shirkie 37,000
Kieran Woods 49,000
Riichard Watson 40,000

18:23 This is the 11th event in Scotland and the biggest, was Dundee in January 2014. Pprevious record was 253 (£50,600).

18:20 Reg is closed and we have an unconfirmed figure of 258 players. Will update the prizepool once confirmed.

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