25/25 Series Merchant Glasgow III Day1B Level 10 800/1600 200

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 17th January 2015 @ 1:50


02:55 So we now have 40 Players through for Day 2. Day 1C starts tomorrow @4pm Get involved.

02:50 23 Players make it through from Day 1B. Here is the List:

Name Chips
Roy Rimmer 193,600
Darren Mccann 149,000
Paul Clements 141,600
mark Mcgovern 136,000
Colin Malcolm 126,500
Mudasser Hussain 104,300
Ludovic Geilich 96,800
Michael Herragaith 95,100
Roddy Mcneil 88,900
Derek Leach 86,800
Steve Demarco 81,400
Neil Feenan 79,900
William Mclure 79,300
Jamie Gillespie 68,700
Davie Sim  66,400
Philip Mcfarlane 65,400
Eddie Marley 64,200
Christopher Craig 63,500
Mario Fionda 52,000
Danie Mcaulay 51,800
Jamie Whyte 45,600
Jim Devlin 34,200
Andrew Scott 29,100

02:32 Play has ended for Day1B. Chip counts coming Up.

02:21 Play has stopped and we are about to draw the card. Its a 3 and that's how many hands to go.

02:17 When we reach 8 mins left the clock will be stopped. We will draw a card from 3,4,5. to see how many hands we will play. 

02:15 Current Chip Leader Mark Mcgovern.

02:08 26 Players remain. We have Lost Bernard Breen. Average chips 76,900

02:03 Chip counts around the 3 Tables.

Makka 105K
Ludo 110K
Roy Rimmer 120K
Mark Mcgoveren 155K
Colin Malcolm 126K
William Mclure 85K
Derek Leach 110K
Neil Feenan 101K
Greg Mcreadie 35K
Mario Fronda 75K

01:54 27 Players remain in the Last Level. time to build a Stack!!!!!!!!!!!! 

01:50 Paul Clements knocks out Alex Stuart. AK v AQ Paul wins the 80K when the K hits. Paul has a decent stack of 124K

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