25/25 Series Merchant City Glasgow III Day1 C Level 3 100/200

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 17th January 2015 @ 17:23


18:00 We made it. 

17:57 Thomas Partridge updating us via Twitter.

17:53 8 mins until the first Break. Top 3 Stacks per table at the break.

17:48 3 more to go till the Magical £50K.

17:46 Andrew Hawksby out KK v Q4. Now re=entering.

17:42 Chip counts from around the room

Spike 25K
John McDermot 38K
Tom Clark 32K
Enrico Frattaroli 48K
Anon 79K
Steven Gray 36K

17:37 Twitter

17:23 241 Players to date, 9 more for the magical £50K. There has been 11 previous 25/25 events in Scotland and only 1 has beaten the 250 runners. That was Dundee. Can this break the record??? 

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