25/25 Series Merchant Glasgow III Day1B Level 7 400/800 75

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 16th January 2015 @ 23:27


00:12 Now down to 5 Tables. Play seems to be a bit slower tonight compared with Day 1A. 

00:09 More chip counts around the room

Tony Chessa 50K
Bernard Breen 30K
Makka 90K
Ludo 90K
Roy Rimmer 148K
Gary Thomson 85K
Paul McTaggert 45K
Alex Stuart 112K

23:53 Mario now moves to the table where the Bounty was generated. Could be even more interesting.

23:50 Bounty Update. Mario currently has 32K. 

23:45 Tables remain

23:39 Table Photographs coming up.

23:36 Players now starting to come back for the Start of Level 7. Chip average is 38,500 52 Players remain.

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