25/25 Series Merchant Glasgow III Day1B Level 6 300/600 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 16th January 2015 @ 22:38


23:25 Here is the Top 4 Stacks in  the Room. Slight issue with the system but we can work around.

Roy Rimmer 115K
Alexander Stuart 102K
Makka Hussain 97K
Steve Demarco 71K

23:17 Top 5 Stack coming up across the cardroom at the break in 5 mins.

23:12 Ludo wins a decent pot from Tony Green to knock him out. Ludo has KQ v 89 on a Q67. All in and brick brick. Ludo has 60K

23:07 We now have 52 players on 6 Tables. Chip Average is 37,000 = 60BB's

23:01 More Players out. Maj, Michael Kemp and Usman Ulhaq

22:45 Some of the Players that are out - Gordon Hannay, Iain Martin and Dan Coll.

22:39 Mario was all in and doubled to 44K. This could be an interesting development.

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