25/25 Series Merchant City III Day 1A Level 8 500/1000 RA 100

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 16th January 2015 @ 0:21


01:03 Now down to 27 and 3 Tables, Break in 2 minutes.

00:58 Current chip Leaders are

Ross Loggie 100K
Adam Jackson 130K
Tom Ward 81K
Wullie Cheung 98K
Chris Wilson 95K

00:54 We are down to 29 Players and 10 mins before the last break of the Evening.

00:49 We lose reigning Champion Paul McTaggert. Shoves with As2s and reshove by Wullie Cheung. All Folded and Wullie has KsKd. Runs 7JJ 8 4. Wullie keeps getting Monsters.

00:40 Now down to 32 Players.

0030 Pictures of the 4 Tables.

00:27 James Mclean and Andy Lee are all in Preflop. James TT v 22 of Andy. Runs out, A84 K 8 We lose Andy.

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