25/25 Series Merchant City Glasgow III Day1B Level 2 75/150

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 16th January 2015 @ 19:48


20:21 Now at 54 Entries and 9 Re-Entries. £25K GTD has been smashed already. Prizepool £26,800

20:18 Chip Leader Roy Rimmer with 66K

20:10 Massive Hand on Table 4.  Board reads 7hAc5s 9d and Roy Rimmer Checks James Devlin leads for 1100 and Heather Pariseau makes it 3600, Roy then reraises to 9400. James tanks and folds 77!!!!!. Heather is all in and Roy snaps.. Roy 68 for Straight and Heather has A9 for Two pair. King on the River and Roy is now Chip Leader. Chip count to follow. Fantastic fold by James.

19:59 Here are the Tables.

19:50 Table 6 up and running. Pics coming soon.

16th January 2015 @ 20:42
wayne grieve
Well Roy good luck , hope u keep the chips u got and don't donk them off
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