25/25 Series Merchant City Glasgow III Day1 B Level 3 100/200

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 16th January 2015 @ 20:24


21:06 Break Time.

21:04 Break Time coming up. Top 3 Stacks by Table coming up.

21:02 Reigning champ Paul "Boba Fett" McTaggert now entering Day 1B.

20:58 Twitter update.

20:54 Now have total of 74 for Day 1B. Those now in are Ludo, Makka, Maj, Danny Coll, Neil Feenan, Iain Martin and Gary Gracie.

20:47 Some Chip counts

Greg Mcreadie 25K
Gordon Hannay 58K
Liam Spence 22K
William McClure 24K
Stevie Demarco 44K
Ludo 26K  

20:43 Table Draw.


20:28 60 Players now registered for Day 1B. Pics to follow.

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