25/25 Series Merchant City III Day 1A Level 7 400/800 RA 75

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 15th January 2015 @ 23:25


00:19 Ewan Brown shoves 6s8s in the Cutoff and Sam Wardlaw Wakes up with QQ in the BB. cards run AAK 4 3. We lose Ewan.

00:11 Play slowed up a bit. We will have 1 more Break at the End of Level 8. Then the last 2 levels.

00:02 Current Avg Stack is 49,300. We have 1,775,000 chips in Play.

23:55 Here are the list of Players on the 4 Tables.

23:49 Down to 36 Players and 4 Tables. Photographs coming up of the 4 tables.

23:46 Massive Hand for the Wullie Cheung fans. All in Pre AA for Wullie and KK for Todd. Flop is 276 5 9 Wullie now has 85K. Todd heads home.

23:42 Chip Leaders at the end of Level 6.

Chris Wilson 105K
Perry Uppal 95K
Tom Ward 87K
Iain Farrell 85K
Sam Morris 84K
Ross Logie 80K
Waseem Nazir 75K

23:25 Players now on 15 Minute.

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