25/25 Series Merchant City III Day 1A Level 6 300/600 RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 15th January 2015 @ 22:45


23:25 New Chip Leader. Chris Wilson All in Pre with QQ v AK v AQ Queens Hold and knocks 2 players out. he now has 105K

23:18 46 players remain.

23:16 We lose Martin Smith. T4 v A7 Runs out 3AQ 7 8 Waz wins the 22K pok.

23:10 Chip Leaders.

Waz 70K
Sam Morris 85K
Tom Ward 86K
Ross Logie 80K
Martin Gallagher 68K
Craig Wilson 90K

23:05 More Exits - Gary Thomspon, Steven Slavin, Rab Welsh.

23:02 Nick Crozer jams over a raise for 16,350 and gives the speach of i dont want to go home!!! Dave Mckie calls and Flips AT Nick AQ. Flop comes JJ7 J 3. Nick Doubles.

22:52 Paul tells the table a story when Wullie was talking to a player on the river. he was wanting a call and Wullie keeps talking to him telling him to call. the Player calls and turns over the winning hand. Wullie just mucks and the table roars with laughter. LOL..

22:50 We are now down to 6 tables. Wullie Cheung as sitting directly to the left of Paul McTaggert. These two go back a long way. 

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