25/25 Series Merchant City III Day 1A Level 5 200/400 RA 50

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 15th January 2015 @ 22:05


22:40 55 Players remain. among those out are Jonathan Lamont, Michael Stirling and Colin Wood.


22:36 Still got 7 tables here.


22:34 More Updates from Twitter. This time Martin Smith


22:33 More Chip Counts.

Waz 69K
Todd cairns 15K
Derek Leach - 55K
Martin Gallagher 60K
David Carson 38K
Kev Finnie 30K
Sam Morris 50K



22:28 More updates on Twitter from Alan Jacobson


22:22 Getting some updates on twitter as well. Thios is Ewan Brown who won the Edinburgh event in 2013


22:18 Usman gets his chips in the middle with JJ on a 53J flop. Derek Leach has AA. Turn 8 River A!!!!!!! We lose Usman in the cruelest of fashion.


22:12 Chipstacks around the room.

Ewan Brown 36K
Jimmy Mack 35K
David Weeks 44K
Chris Wilson 62K
David White 42K
Ross Logie 75K
Tom Ward 78K
Alan Brown 51K


22:04 currently 61 Players of the 72 remaining. Players out so far include David Cheung, Zen Hunt, Gavin Mcguire and Alan Rennie

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