25/25 Series Merchant City III Day 1A Level 4 150/300 RA 25

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 15th January 2015 @ 21:26


21:54 Zen Hunt Raises UTG with AA and is called by David Weeks in the BB with 78.Flop is K74 Check called by David. Turn 8 Check called again by David. River 7. Zen bets 5.2K and David Ships. Zen calls and see's the bad news. We lose Zen and David adds 32K to his stack.


21:45 Gavin Mcguire and Brian Taylor see a flop of 4d4h2s.Bet by Gavin and called by Brian. Turn 9s bet called by Brian, River 9d and it all goes in. Brian Flips J9 and Gavin mucks and is out of the Tourney.


21:31 Registration is now closed. We have a total of 72 Players in Day 1A. Prizepool £14,400


21:27 Here are the Top Chip Counts from the break with Tom Ward Chip Leader.

Player name Chips

Thomas Ward 78K
Iain Farrell 60K
David Carson 53K
Ewan Brown 42K
Martin Gallagher42K
David White 40K
Derek Leach 40K
William Stirling40K
Brian Oconnor 37K
Gavin Mcguire 37K
Adam Jackson 35K
David Cheung 35K
Arran hasting's 35K
Ross Logie 35K
Ryan Straub 35K
Davie Mckie 33K
james Mcintyre 31K
Angus Johnston 30K
Perry Uppal 30K
William Cheung 30K
Alan Jacobson 28K
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